Our Services

In this section you can find an information about our art and services that we can provide ....
Mainly we focus in decorations indoor and outdoor. We make decorations for , parties , festivals ,different music events and exhibitions, around the globe. Also we paint by order, on clothes.backdrops and canvases.Airbrushing on cars , motorbikes, boards , helmets and anything that you could think of. Digital design is also a big aspect in our creativity.

Draw by order

Painting and Airbrushing

I do airbrushing on different surfaces and objects , for example : motorcycles ,  cars, snowboards or any other object that can be painted or wants to be painted .
I also do interior design and interior painting by airbrush and brush and selection of colors for each space.  I can give the client a detailed sketch or a digital presentation of the future design or pattern , thereby ensuring client's vision and understanding of how it will look.
I use only top quality paints and materials from the world's leading manufacturers, this way
I can guarantee the quality and originality of their work

Paintings and Backdrops by order

If you like one of my paintings or pictures , and you are a connoisseur of original handmade paintings . But at the  size, or the price of the art piece does not suit you . In such a case, you can order the original work by contacting me. We can discuss all the details , depending on your budget , I can recreate  your idea , after drawing a sketch. Please pay attention , that I do not get down to such an orders without advance payment.
Most of our works are not for sale , the reason for it  - they are part of our collection ,exposure of a complement overall story,  these works have gone through many exhibitions and festivals , and this is reflected in the condition of the tissue and the size of the paintings are festival size . I'll tell you right away that for the house such a big work simply do not needed. The work area of 1-3 square meters in the interior look more harmonious than the huge canvases and paintings fills up the entire space leaving no room for other interior ELLEMENTs .
You can order the canvas without stretcher on black tissue fully painted in my original style fluorescent colors , or it may be a more classical painting on canvas with stretcher using a variety of colors and combinations (not necessarily fluorescent paint ) ,for paintings and canvases I in  use acrylic fluorescent paints, metallics and pearlescent acrylic paints, and sometimes oil. Also in the key points of  paintings we sometimes use crystals , stones or Swarovski lenses , which adds to the magic and Ira in the image.


Seasonal and permanent decoration for clubs and other spaces.

For example, you are an owner of a nightclub , and you want to create a unique atmosphere for your club , with an original concept and exciting 3d installations that would carry away and affect  your visitors and in case you would like to change these decorations to other interesting scenery  next season. this is possible. If you like my style - works with the airbrush , flexible and translucent materials , as well as the use of fluorescent colors , we can agree on the establishment and subsequent installation of the original set of decorations that will be created for your nightclub or other space  , as there is an option to replace this set to another , for example one year later . So it turns out that you are renting a set that is created specifically for your club.

Graphic design and illustration

Along with the airbrushing and painting, I developed my digital art. Using Photoshop and other programs which combine with a tablet I  create an original, high-quality graphic design that are used for CDs, books, videos and other printed products.
  Our forte is to create designs to print on  clothes, as I have been doing this for many years.


Web Design

  I also do web design for clients who need a non-standard artistic solutions and those who appreciate originality and detailization of my style.
One of the main but not the only example of my work  is the design of my own website for which I have made by myself.
  another  example of current design is the site of : ]]>Trimurti Festival]]>