Our Services

In this section you can find an information about our art and services that we can provide ....
Mainly we focus in decorations indoor and outdoor. We make decorations for , parties , festivals ,different music events and exhibitions, around the globe. Also we paint by order, on clothes.backdrops and canvases.Airbrushing on cars , motorbikes, boards , helmets and anything that you could think of. Digital design is also a big aspect in our creativity.


Musical events and festivals decorating

 We have 9 years of experience  in decorating events, parties and festival.

We do different kinds of event participation,  Deco or alternative spaces and chiil out exhibition on which we can use a uv or a non uv concept. In the uv concept we use the backdrops and in digital concept we use Digital sublimation or canvas prints this all can be only added by our deco to create a full united space using LED and UV light.

We can create a live act  on stage or in the gallery. This all can be discussed in advance with us. We can consider all your wishes.

During that time we realized that for many festivals it is very important to get a detailed plan of the deco, but in practice it turns out that sometimes things have to be changed and decorators have to improvise with the material that they have.
We can do both. The organizers can get from us a detailed plan of the structure of the dance floor and the stage, but if it will be necessary we can freely improvise and show great flexibility thanks to the materials which we work with. We can combine our materials  in different way, and each time the result of the work looks different.
So  each event looks absolutely different  and that what we like the most about it .
We use mainly stretching translucent materials painted with an airbrush and brush in ourown original style. We stretch our materials, creating a multi-layered 3D installation. So - it seems that the multi-layered light and harmonious image floating in the air, and these decorations perfectly blend with my deep and detailed paintings that are completely painted by hand.
Every year we try to present and surprise people with new optical solutions, and the most important thing for us is the atmosphere of harmony and magic, that we are looking to create.
Space where people can relax, explore , meditate and get inspired.


fractal ceiling made by Ihti
Janco party- "Inner path" Kiev 2012