In this section you can find information and illustrations of our Decorations, as well as an example of one of my deco Projects.
  If you are interested in our services and you want to invite us to a festival or other event, please read the information in - our participation


   Our conditions are depending  on the duration of  event , music and  place. Usually we need minimum 3 days for the installation for out door festival and minimum 8 hours for indoor party.   When I say we, I mean me and my wife. For more serious Projects, I have a small but very experienced team.

The conditions:

Ihtianderson co  Agreement

Good Day to All the organizers of the music  and Art world.

We provide our decoration services on a few conditions:

1. Road expenses- The Flight ticket or the patrol full cover to the place and back or to the next destination. The flight should be purchased with one or 2 extra baggage. For 1 or 2 People depend on the event.

2. The hosting – a hotel room or an apartment to stay. As close as possible of the event place.

3. The payment – 50% should be paid in advance as  a deposit for closing (For Parties-this amount should be transfered not later then 2 months Before the event. For Big Events and Festivals- the Deposit should be transfered 6 months in Advance)other 50% paid At the Event place, after the Deco is instated and before the event had started.

4. The Installation can Install anyone from Our crew.

5.Food- Must be provided to the Deco crew. Our work is physical so good warm food is Important to give power and motivation.( not  only Sendwiches)

6. UV Light- Is a very , very important aspect , Lack of light can affect the final result .

All the materials are fully hand painted and if there will be lack of light , the Drawings on the Lycra will not be seen.

The lights should be Installed by an expirienced team or at least a good 2 electritians by our plan. Light Check must be done one night Before the event after the Installation is finished.

The light should be provided by the organizers of the event.

7. Original Art works- For those events that we bring our original art , Security must Be provided 24 hours , 

If any of the art works got dameged or stollen the orginizers will have to hold the loss.

8.Tools and Materials- We are artist and Decorators most of the time we are fliing and have no additional weight to carry tools.

Before the event we give a list of tools and materials  to the organizers that we would need at the place for work .

The Materials should be there when we arrive to start the work as soon as possible without waisting time .

Lack of tools can affect the time and result of  our work.

instal - process
instal - process