About Us

In this section you will find information about me and about my Projects. As well as information about my beloved wife and our joint Projects. You may notice that the description of the projects  and all the notes I write "WE". When I write we, I mean me and my family, because they are very helpful to me and inspire me alot.

"Ihtianderson"Dance Performing project & “Free dance” project

Metamorphose- Dance Visualisation , Prformance Project

This Project had started In Asia,in 2010 - Trough the Performance mainly on stage but as well film shooting, Dance and Detailed Coreography were Created  Different Concepts and Massages in different Styles of dance- Contemporary, Classical Ballet , Oriental - Japanese , Fire show  and Arial Silk  Performance. 

The Costumes takek an Important part of the message not only a choreography  itself. Most of the Costumes are hand paintedor Boby art in our unique style. Some are made with UV paints and take part of the Ihtianderson project.

In this state of development ' Metamorphose' is young project and in it's transformation , it has huge potential just like the project Ihtianderson .

but everything needs time, put in energy and effort  .....  

Free Dance- Contemporary dance workshop

This project was born After the birth of my Daughter which gave me a new look and understanding on dance, movement and body .
I have started to dance at the age of 4 , when I was 8 I realised thats dance is all that I want to do , as a not very communicative girl  I found a way to express  myself  through movement and dance became my best  friend. I was studying  Ballet and Contemporary In “Bat- Dor”, Israel, at the age of 13 my mother  has offered me to go to an art school in England I was happy to agree.
I had finished an art school studying Ballet, Modern, Contemporary,Jazz and Flamenco as a teacher and I carried on searching for myself, I went traveling experiencing new techniques like Yoga, Meditation, fire dance and Aerial silk,
After the birth of my 1 child I realised that there is something else but a dry  technique in a dance.
Meditation had helped to realise that there is a whole system and  flows of  energy which you can observe through movement and even lead to an areas that has a lack of energy in the body or blocks( that lead to an illness or depredations).It’s a process of healing.
The nature of our body is movement we learn it since we are born  and we do it till the moment we die , its a process of life .
Free Dance - Is a dynamic meditation that I give as a workshop in festivals  in healing areas or I teach in studios , Also  use  as  an interaction in shows.

"Free dance " project
"Free dance " project